THE FRIENDS BAND will provide you and your guest with the best live music entertainment!

The Friends Band can perform different genres of Fun Music, Including Top 40's, Romantic Love Songs, Reggae, Upbeat Jazz & Danceable Swing, Current Hits, Motown/Soul, Rock Classics, Disco/Funk, Mardi Gras Zydeco/New Orleans, Irish/Celtic Music, Country, Rock & Roll and Blues Music. The Friends Band is seasoned and popular and has the experience to supply you with the most effective and highly versatile music. Our live performances will keep you, and your guest entertained. One of the very best reasons for hiring this band is their ability to perform songs from nearly every genre of music. The Group is capable of personalizing and handling any party or special event. The band will kindly provide Instrumental music for those who would like to have a conversation without getting drowned out by loud music or party music for guest who would want to get on the dance floor.

We perform live music in our home town of Chicago, Illinois to as far away as Europe. This music band can add to a relaxing setting or retain the dance floors with your guest. The musicians will respectfully be playing fun music suitable for all. We are the perfect fit for holiday parties, celebrity events, corporate parties, wedding parties, private celebrations, and receptions.

The Friends Band will play crowd favorites from all ages; the band will keep everyone in a festive mood. Our musical entertainment should be at the top of your list when you want to hire a great live band. We unite artistry with flair & passion to our music and performances. The Friends Band provides music the audience will appreciate doing the entire party or event. Our special quality of music makes us the perfect choice for music.

Kenny Smith
Contact: 773.726.7343